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Calvin, 49 anni, Dallas
“Mi vergognavo a parlare con il mio medico del calo dell’attività sessuale che si verificava da un paio d’anni. Mi suggerì il Viagra che è riuscito a farmi soddisfare il mio istinto sessuale e le mie fantasie. Mi sento di nuovo vivo! Il Viagra mi ha salvato!”
David Rochester, Oxford-United Kingdom
Hi, I’m pleased to tell you my order arrived yesterday. Many thanks for you help!
Giancarlo Carmagnini, Firenze, Italy
THANKS for your prompt reply. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!! I got the above order last Saturday morning. Everything is ok!!! Thanks and see you. Have a nice day!!!
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More schoolchildren 'rejecting cigarettes'
The proportion of surveyed pupils who have ever smoked tobacco drops to a record low of 16%.
'Why me? I had ovarian cancer at 14'
Kelliyah thought she was simply putting on weight - and was shocked to find her condition was much more serious.
Boris Johnson orders action to stop measles spread
A fall in uptake of the MMR vaccine means the UK has lost its measles-free status.
Edinburgh Fringe: Tourette's charity wants apology over award-winning joke
People with the condition are angered after Olaf Falafel's gag won an award following a public vote.